SALEM, OR – Job Growers Incorporated (JGI), a nonprofit organization focused on innovative workforce solutions and representing the local Workforce Investment Board, was awarded $200,000 dollars from the Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development and $223,000 from Business Oregon. The funds will be spent to implement the Career Achievement Network (‘theNET’) to engage youth into employment and educational opportunities that will contribute to successful lives and workforce growth.

The initiative will focus on soft-skills development, such as communication and personal accountability. JGI will provide curriculum and facilitation for a classroom-based training component combined with a 200 hour hands-on work experience. “Job Growers is working closely with local businesses and employers to build evaluation tools to allow participants to demonstrate mastery of essential workplace skills,” Tony Frazier, Executive Director of Job Growers, said. Through this program, participants will earn a local industry-recognized certificate as the result of their hard work.

This program will serve young adults aged 16-26, who are not working or continuing their education. Salem Chamber of Commerce has partnered with this effort and will assist through business engagement opportunities for the young adults. Participants will be strongly encouraged to access other workforce development resources such as the National Career Readiness Certificate.