It’s hard to get experience when first starting out. TheNET provides a place for individuals to connect with work experiences and skills training needed by business and to help individuals to find purposeful careers.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Rethinking Careers Workshop covers work behaviors, and other interpersonal skills that needed to succeed on the job.
  • The 200 hour work experience develops valuable skills for resume enhancement. No experience necessary to get started!
  • Evaluations are conducted every 50 hours to check progress.

Successful completion earns an Essential Skills Certificate—this validates work readiness and may help obtain references and recommendations that can be used to apply for jobs and continued education.

Need more information?

Below are questions that previous participants asked before they took the first step needed to learn essential workplace skills:

Soft skills are personal attributes that allow you to have positive interactions with other people. This includes good communication, showing respect and empathy, and being able to collaborate and negotiate with others. They are also called Essential Skills.

You probably never learned about soft skills in school, but they are just as important as other types of hard skills, such as knowing how to read a tape measure or how to diagnose an illness.

Soft skills are covered in Rethinking Careers because they are critical to your job search and long term employment and can allow you to advance in your career.

theNET was designed specifically to prepare you for a job and help you overcome the barriers that you may be facing to employment. You will have the opportunity for a tangible work experience that you can put on a resume.

In the average time that it takes a job-seeker to find work, you can go through the entire program where you can get resume building work experience, references, and soft skills training. On occasion, our participants are able to turn their work experience into a permanent job, while many others find jobs after they complete the program. See for yourself what theNET can do for you!

Some work sites, such as Cabinet Door Services, intend to hire participants directly after they finish their 200 hour work experience. For most work sites, what happens after 200 hours will vary depending on your relationship with your host site supervisor and their capacity for hiring new employees.

Regardless, many of our graduates are able to find employment soon after completing, even if it is not with their original site. Many supervisors are also happy to provide references and help participants find other local employers who are hiring.

theNET is open to people with previous criminal backgrounds and does not test for drugs. However, some of our employers are not able to accommodate people who have backgrounds and will require you to take a drug test. We ask that you let us know if you believe that you may not pass a background check or a drug test so that we can match you with an appropriate employer.
If you need:

  • Accommodation for a physical or learning disability
  • English-language classes
  • Transportation
  • Work clothes
  • Childcare
  • Help completing your diploma or GED
  • Resume help and interviewing practice

You may be eligible for services from a local youth provider. Look over the different options based on where you live to find out which program is right for you.

Before you can be hired on full-time, you’ll need a copy of your social security card, birth certificate, or passport. If either of those are permanently lost, you can request a new copy of your birth certificate from the state in which you were born. Note that you may be asked to pay a fee to obtain your birth certificate, and it may take several business days to fill your request.

For people born in Oregon, you can file that request here:

For noncitizens: you can provide a copy of your passport with I-551 or with form I-94 or I-94A and an endorsement to work, a permanent resident card, an employment authorization card, or a passport from the Federated State of Micronesia or the Republic of the Marshall Islands with form I-94 or I-94A.

Connecting with a service provider is a great way to get the extra assistance you may need to find the right documentation. Check out our program page to find out which program is right for you

Program Registration